Financial Advisers

Financial advisers provide advice and guidance about how to spend and invest money wisely. Choosing the right financial adviser is a crucial step in ensuring that the management of your money is undertaken correctly and in accordance with the law.

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What do Financial Advisers do?

Financial advisers do just that - they advise you on the best (and most efficient) way of saving and earning money.

They help you make informed decisions about which financial product is most suitable for your requirements.

Although financial advisers typically work either on commission or by direct payment, the savings that can be made from a professional can be advantageous, saving you time and hassle in the long-run.

What types of Financial Advisers exist?

There are typically to types of financial advisers that operate in the UK:

Independent financial advisers (Also known as IFAs). These - which may be an individual or a company - offer you completely independent advice from the whole range of products and services that are available to you across the market, meaning that you are not restricted to which company you choose. The choice is yours, although the adviser will usually steer you in the most economically-advantageous direction.

Restricted advisers These advisers (again may be an individual or a company) will recommend products and/or services that they only operate with. Always ask whether they are a restricted adviser as you may not get the best deal available to you.