About Us

About Us

Hello, and welcome to £Bankpoint, mapping Britain's financial services.

We're here to help you track down every bank, cash machine, financial adviser and company relating to the financial services sector in Britain.

As we have just recently launched, we are aware that some of the contact details are yet to be verified and cross-referenced. Therefore please do remain patient whilst we do so. We do in time hope that we become the definitive guide to UK financial services, and we are working hard to reach that goal.

So, what can you find on £Bankpoint? For starters we want to list every single bank and building society in the UK, whether they are in large cities such as London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh etc, or in small villages and towns such as Stafford, Torquay and Blackpool. In addition, we are beginning to compile a list of every Bureaux de Change, Debt Advice Centres, and financial advisers across the country.

I think you'll agree we have a huge task ahead of us, but that's our goal, so we're going to stick to it unless we find it impossible to do so. If you notice an error of mistake you're more than welcome to tell us at [email protected] (CliqTo is our parent company) and the people busy working behind the website.

Here's a full list of the financial services we aim to cover on £Bankpoint:

  • Banks
  • Building Societies
  • Cash Machines
  • Bureaux de Changes
  • Debt Advice Centres
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial Advisers

In time we hope to expand the above list, as well as our range of features and advice to help you to manage your money more effectively.

Thanks for using us.

Chris Haycock

Managing Director and CEO
CliqTo Ltd